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Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials: Frequently Asked Questions


What about finances?

“Do we get paid to take part in a study? Do we have to pay for study treatments? Will our insurance pay?” Taking part in research can raise financial questions for families. Patients and families usually do not get paid for participating in research at Seattle Children’s. In phase I and II studies testing drugs, the drugs are typically provided to the patient at no charge. If your child has health insurance, the benefits may apply to other costs related to your child’s care. Our staff is experienced at working with families and insurers to advocate for coverage. We can help you find out what your insurance will cover. You may also pay for care yourself or apply for financial assistance. Our social workers can also connect you to organizations that offer support to help offset the financial costs of care. 

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If we’re not from Seattle, can we go home and take part in the same studies through our local doctor?

Most of the time, patients need to receive study treatments at Children’s. Sometimes treatments — or at least some aspects of treatment — can be safely delivered by a patient’s doctor or oncologist at home. We are happy to talk with you and your local doctor or oncologist about whether this might be an option for your child.

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What kind of support can we get if we need to come from outside the area?

We have worked with many families from around the country and the world, and have in place many services to help support you if you’re coming from elsewhere. These include housing options through Ronald McDonald House and special arrangements with local hotels and motels; transportation guidance, support groups and other resources through our Family Resource Centerschool services so your children can continue their education in Seattle; and interpreter services.

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