An infusion is one way to give therapies, such as medicine or blood products, through a vein (by IV). The Ambulatory Infusion Unit serves children who need IV therapies. Because our nurses monitor each patient closely, your child may be able to receive infusions in our outpatient unit instead of having to stay in the hospital.

Our nurses are experts at starting IVs to deliver medicine, blood products and nourishment. All have special training in giving chemotherapy for cancer and biotherapies for many other conditions. They are also trained to watch for complications that might occur during an infusion.

Services We Offer

We care for children who:

  • Have many different health conditions, including blood diseases, cancer, immune system disorders, genetic disorders, gastrointestinal problems and rheumatology disorders
  • Need therapies that last less than 12 hours

Paying for Care

Learn about paying for care at Seattle Children’s including insurance coverage, billing and financial assistance.