Clinic Visit

    • Decide who will come with your teen or young adult to their appointment. In addition to parents and caregivers, we encourage you to bring other adults who are important in their life and will be helping them before and after weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery).
    • Learn more about what to do before your appointment.

  • Teens and young adults whose health is affected by obesity and who want to consider bariatric surgery.

  • At your first visit, one of these medical providers will see your teen:

    • Attending doctor – directs your child’s care and supervises the residents and fellows (licensed doctors training in a pediatric specialty) caring for your child.
    • Nurse practitioner (NP) – registered nurse with advanced education and training. They practice independently and work closely with doctors.
    • Physician assistant – an individual with advanced education and training. They practice independently and work closely with doctors. They can also diagnose patients and prescribe medicines.

    1. The medical provider will review your teen’s and family’s health history and do a physical exam of your teen, such as checking their blood pressure and heart rate.
    2. The provider may recommend lab tests to find out more about your teen’s health, such as tests to check their cholesterol level and blood sugar.
    3. You, your teen and the provider will talk about your teen’s health, weight and lifestyle goals, as well as options for achieving those goals, including bariatric surgery.
    4. The provider will explain who is on the Adolescent Bariatric Program team and how they work together to provide care and support.
    5. If your teen is eligible and your family wants to move forward, the provider will refer you to a registered dietitian, athletic trainer and social worker from the team (and possibly other Seattle Children’s specialists) for more in-depth evaluation.
  • Your appointment will be about 1 hour. Please come 30 minutes before your appointment to register and fill out paperwork.

  • You do not need to bring anything. We will request your teen’s medical records from their primary care provider after you schedule your appointment.

  • The path to bariatric surgery involves hard work for your teen and family. Research supports a minimum of 25 hours with the wellness team over the 16-week Adolescent Wellness Intensive Program.

    For teens who choose this path, it typically takes about one year from the first visit to the referral for surgery. After surgery, your teen will need to eat differently for the rest of their life. They will also need strong, long-term support from family to get and stay healthy.

    At your first visit – and throughout the process – your Seattle Children’s team will help you and your teen understand your treatment options and what to expect so you can make informed choices that lead to success and good health.

  • We will make sure you leave the appointment with detailed instructions about what is to happen next. We will provide information on your next steps, including:

    • Following through on any goals for healthy lifestyle change that you set with the medical provider during your first visit
    • Scheduling a follow-up visit with the medical provider, usually 1 to 3 months later
    • Scheduling appointments with a registered dietitian, athletic trainer and social worker from the Adolescent Bariatric Program for more in-depth evaluation
    • Scheduling appointments with any other healthcare providers we refer you to in order to get a complete understanding of your teen’s health

    You are expected to follow through with goals and appointments after your initial visit.

  • Call Adolescent Medicine at 206-987-2028.

    • Find your location in our map and directions section.
    • Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment to allow time to register and fill out paperwork, such as your teen’s health history.

More information

For more information on visiting Seattle Children’s clinics, please see Your Child's Clinic Visit.