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Parent and Child Swim Lessons

Parent and Child Swim Lessons

The American Red Cross Parent and Child Swim Lessons are for children between the ages of 6 months and about 3 years, and their parents. The purpose of the course is to make children comfortable with the water and teach them skills to prepare them for swimming in the future. In addition, we provide safety information and teach parents ways to help orient their children to the water.

In this 25-minute class children will learn:

  • Learning to ask for permission before entering the water
  • Learning how to enter and exit the water safely
  • Feeling comfortable in the water
  • Practicing blowing bubbles
  • Putting their mouth, nose and eyes completely under water
  • Exploring floating on their front and back
  • Changing position in the water
  • Learning how to play safely in the water
  • Using combined arm and leg actions on their front and back with help
  • Wearing a U.S. Coast Guard–approved life jacket in the water

In this 25-minute class parents will learn:

  • How to properly supervise children and maintain safe behavior in and around the water
  • How to enter and exit the water, with strict enforcement of the rule that a child must get an adult permission before entering any body of water
  • How and when to use holding and support techniques
  • How to determine your child’s readiness to try basic skills
  • Learning how to properly teach your child to go under water
  • How to use cues and the importance of being consistent in delivering cues
  • How to help your child learn and practice skills appropriate for their age and current developmental level and ability
  • How to play, and the importance of playing as a way to learn
  • Basic water safety information

Time and Cost

Classes are 25 minutes, once a week, for six weeks. Each six-week session is $75 per registered class. Classes will be pro-rated for hospital recognized holidays.

If you have questions, please call Seattle Children's Therapy Pool at 206-987-2547 or email us.


Registration for each session will start one week before the start of the session. To see available classes click on the link to go to the registration website. Class offerings vary session to session.