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ImPACT Baseline Testing

ImPACT Baseline Testing

These sessions are ideal for teens 13 and older who are interested in taking a baseline ImPACT test. ImPACT stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. It is a research-based computerized test developed to help healthcare providers deliver more comprehensive care to an athlete following a concussion.

At Seattle Children’s, we use the baseline testing to learn how your teen performs mental tasks before a concussion. Should they sustain a concussion, your healthcare provider will likely recommend your athlete take a post-injury ImPACT test. The post-injury ImPACT test will allow your teen’s healthcare provider to compare how your teen thinks and functions before and after a concussion. This information helps the healthcare team treat your teen’s concussion and measure recovery and progress toward safe return to play.

Who should take an ImPACT baseline test?

Any person over the age of 13 can take an ImPACT baseline test. It is highly recommended for any person who participates in organized physical activity. Concussions can happen to any athlete – girl or boy – in any sport. Concussions are seen most often in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and cheerleading.

Group option

If your organization has a group of 10 or more athletes who would like to do baseline testing together, please email us or call 206-987-7228.

More information

ImPACT baseline testing is currently offered in Seattle by Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Athletic Trainers Program.

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Post-Injury Testing

If you have an athlete who has been diagnosed with a concussion and has had an ImPACT baseline test through Seattle Children’s within the last 2 years, please email us or call 206-987-7228 to set a time for a post-injury test.

About Seattle Children’s Sports Concussion Program

Seattle Children’s Sports Concussion Program is part of the Seattle Sports Concussion Program, an affiliate program among Seattle Children’s, Harborview Medical Center and UW Medicine. Our program brings together some of the nation’s top experts on concussions and brain injuries. We are experienced in evaluating, diagnosing and managing any level of injury to your child’s brain. Learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is it important for my teen to take an ImPACT baseline test?

    The baseline test provides important data about how your teen performs mental tasks when they do not have a concussion. This data can be used to help your healthcare provider determine appropriate return-to-learn and return-to-play plans after a concussion.
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  • How long does the test take?

    The time the test takes depends on how quickly your child moves through each section. On average, the test takes 30 to 45 minutes to complete.
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  • If my teen has a learning disability or attention deficit disorder, is the test still valid?

    Yes. An ImPACT baseline test can be very helpful for youth with learning disabilities because it provides an accurate baseline. Your teen’s personal baseline is used in the event of an injury to help their healthcare provider establish the best treatment plan. Without having a baseline test to use for comparison after an injury, it can be hard to determine if learning-related challenges are caused by your teen’s injury.
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  • Will ImPACT testing prevent concussions?

    No. ImPACT testing allows healthcare providers to monitor the cognitive status of your child and guard against returning to play too soon.
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  • Is the test safe? Is it invasive?

    The ImPACT test is a safe, computer-based test. It does not require any instruments to be placed in your teen’s body, so it’s noninvasive.
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  • What is being measured?

    The ImPACT test measures attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, response variability, nonverbal problem solving and reaction time.
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  • How often does my teen need to be tested?

    Your teen should take a baseline test at least every 2 years. If your teen gets a concussion, they should get a new baseline test 6 months after they no longer have any symptoms of the concussion.
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  • Can my teen fail the test?

    Your teen’s baseline test will be compared with data for children of the same age. The test will not be valid if your teen’s scores do not fall within the average range. If that happens, your teen will need to retake the test.
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  • How do I find out if my teen has an invalid baseline test? What do I do next?

    If your child’s test is invalid, the Seattle Children’s ImPACT administrator will email you to schedule a new baseline test.
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  • Who can access the test results?

    The baseline data is accessible by Seattle Children’s ImPACT program administrator. If you would like a copy of your teen’s data, please email us.
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  • Is this test covered by insurance?

    At this time, insurance does not cover baseline testing.
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  • What personal information is collected?

    Your teen will be asked to provide their name, date of birth, completed grade, height, weight and if they are left-handed or right-handed. There is a section of the test that asks for the teen’s ethnicity, address, and email address; these are optional sections.
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  • What happens if my teen gets a concussion?

    If your teen receives a bump or blow to the head, seek medical attention by a medical professional trained in the evaluation and treatment of concussions, or call 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

    After your teen has been seen by a provider, please contact the Seattle Children’s ImPACT program administrator at 206-987-7228 or by email to schedule a post-injury ImPACT test.

    Your teen can take a post-injury ImPACT test once they are symptom-free. The baseline and post-injury test will be compared by a Seattle Children’s credentialed ImPACT consultant.

    If your teen is being seen by a Seattle Children’s provider for concussion management, the results of this analysis will be shared with your provider. If your teen is being seen by a provider outside of Seattle Children’s, the Seattle Children’s ImPACT program administrator will provide you with a document of the analysis to share with your healthcare provider.

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  • What should my teen bring to the test?

    Your teen does not need to bring anything to the test. Please make sure that they do not bring in a cell phone, MP3 player or any other electronic device that could distract them or other test takers. Food and drink are not allowed during the test.
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  • How should my teen prepare for the test?

    Make sure that your teen is well hydrated and has recently eaten before arriving for the test. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive so that your teen is not stressed or anxious upon arrival. Have your teen dress in comfortable clothing. Make sure they take their normal medication as prescribed by their healthcare provider, if applicable.
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  • What if my teen needs to reschedule or cancel their test?

    If your teen needs to reschedule or cancel their test, please contact the Seattle Children’s ImPACT program administrator at 206-987-7228 or by email prior to the test day to reschedule.
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  • What do I, as a parent or guardian, do while my teen is taking the ImPACT baseline test?

    While your teen is taking the ImPACT test, you will receive educational information about ImPACT testing and concussions from one of Seattle Children’s certified athletic trainers. The certified athletic trainer will have a short presentation followed by a Q&A.
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  • Is the testing held at Seattle Children’s main campus?

    No. Testing is not held at the hospital. Testing is held at Seattle Children’s administrative building located at 6901 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105.
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  • Where do we park at the Seattle Children’s administrative building? Does it cost money?

    Once you arrive at the administrative building at 6901 Sand Point Way NE, please park in the visitor parking lot. If there is no available parking, please find street parking along NE 70th Street.

    Enter at the front/main entrance, where you will be greeted by one of our athletic trainers. Please allow 10 minutes to park and check in.

    Parking is free.

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  • Will I receive the results of my child’s baseline test the same day?

    No. The Seattle Children’s ImPACT program administrator will contact you if your child has an invalid baseline test. If your child’s baseline test was valid, you will not be contacted.
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