All Available Spots Have Been Filled for the 2016–2017 School Year

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2016–2017 school year.

How to Apply for a Visit

Students with test tubes

Applications are available upon request to principals and teachers in March for the following school year. We receive many more requests for visits than we can accommodate, so unfortunately we are unable to visit every eligible school that applies.

All applicants will be notified of the decision of the application review committee. Successful applicants will be contacted in the spring about scheduling details for a visit in the upcoming school year.

Some of the factors that the selection committee considers when evaluating applications are listed below. Please consider these factors before requesting an application.

  • The percentage of students at your school that is eligible for free or reduced lunch
  • Eligibility for Title I funding
  • The percentage of students that took the science MSP that met the minimum standard in the previous school year
  • Location. We seek a geographic balance with our visits. We do visit schools throughout Washington state, but we schedule schools outside of the Seattle metro area in clusters.
  • Priority is also given to rural schools with limited access to regional science enrichment opportunities.

Visit Requirements

  • There must be accessible off-street parking for the Adventure Lab available at the school. The Adventure Lab is 45 feet long and, with the slide-out rooms extended, over 13 feet wide. As a guide, the Adventure Lab is larger than a school bus and closer to the size of a Greyhound tour bus. Please contact us if you are unsure if the Adventure Lab can navigate the parking lots at your school.
  • The maximum capacity of the Adventure Lab at any one time, including students, teachers and aides, is 30 people. If your classes are larger than 30, please contact us to discuss options.

If your school is selected for a visit, you will be required to

  • Obtain signed permission slips for all students that will participate (we will provide the necessary forms).
  • Complete pre- and post-lab activities (each require less than one class period).
  • Commit to scheduling the 60-, 75- or 90-minute blocks of time required to complete the experiments on the mobile science lab.

Request an Application

To apply for a visit by the Science Adventure Lab, please request an application via email.