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Advancing Health Through Science Education


As part of Seattle Children's mission to improve child health through education, we've launched the Science Adventure Lab. Our mission is to deliver innovative educational experiences that inspire new passions for science, promote better health for all students, and enhance science education throughout Washington state by working in partnership with teachers, schools and communities.

"The hands-on activities on the Science Adventure Lab are designed to not only engage students and give them a deeper level of understanding of science, but also to show its relevance for everyday life."

Amanda Jones, PhD, Director

ChildrenThe Science Adventure Lab is a 45-foot-long mobile science lab custom-built in 2009 designed to deliver an exceptional learning experience. Our curricula are focused on life science topics that promote health - such as nutrition, prevention of infectious disease and exploring respiratory functions - and expose students to the exciting world of cutting-edge science. Once aboard the mobile lab, students in grades 4 to 12 conduct hands-on, interactive science experiments that challenge them to solve authentic problems and introduce them to career possibilities in the health sciences.

There is no cost to the school, students or teachers for a Science Adventure Lab visit.

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