Q&A with Wendy Mowbray, Medical Assistant

Wendy Mobray

Wendy Mowbray, Medical Assistant

What's the best thing about working at Seattle Children's?

I love the environment of hope that everyone, including the patients, have.

What do you like most about the work you do in the Heart Center?

The interaction with patients and their families is rewarding.

What makes Seattle Children's Heart Center unique?

The Heart Center team. The time and emotion that the team gives to every family is so incredible. Every patient is special and every team member is special.

What made you want to come to Seattle Children's?

To be able to work in such a great environment. It is an environment that is filled with hope and caring. The hospital has retained much of its “large family” feel even with the growth of the facility in recent years.

What do people say when they find out you work here?

They say, "that would be so hard... I could never do that". But, I respond by telling them about the patients who are so special and incredible and very little slows them down! I often see patients who return to clinic following open heart surgery; they think they are ready to return to school and normal activities a week after surgery!