Pediatric Specialty Care in Bellevue

Eastside children and teens get the region’s best pediatric specialty care at our new Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center – and their parents get a short commute.

Samantha Corrales, Jeffrey Corrales, and Dr. Douglas Hanel

Exceptional care. Samantha Corrales, 6, worried herself to tears before her postoperative visit with hand surgeon Dr. Douglas Hanel, who quickly calmed her fears. Samantha was diagnosed at birth with arthrogryposis, a condition that limits joint and muscle mobility. The family’s primary care physician advised them to take Samantha to Seattle Children’s for the best care, says her dad, Jeffrey Corrales, who is glad the “care” turned out to be as much about compassion as it is about surgical technique.

Kids rule when it comes to treating their illnesses and injuries at Seattle Children’s Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center. The same nationally known pediatric specialists who provide care in Seattle are now treating East King County children and teens in their own neighborhood.

“The idea is that we cross the 520 bridge so our patients and families don’t have to,” says Dr. Lynn Martin, a pediatric anesthesiologist who serves as the facility’s medical director.

Day surgery and sedated MRI

The new 79,000-square-foot building enables Children’s to vastly expand the outpatient clinics and diagnostic services it has offered in Bellevue for years to now include day surgery, sedated MRI and a wider variety of specialty clinics.

The facility was built with families in mind. In the day surgery center, parents can stay with their child during all times the child is awake, including anesthesia and recovery. The upshot is less emotional angst for patient and parent.

Every clinician on staff has special training in working with kids and teens. The benefits go beyond calming patients’ fears. Our MRI, fluoroscopy and diagnostic X-ray equipment is calibrated to use the least amount of radiation needed to take accurate images. Having pediatric technologists perform the exams – and pediatric radiologists interpret the results – leads to more accurate diagnosis and fewer repeat exams.

Kids’ bodies are different

Forty percent of pediatric injuries are related to sports, but adult-oriented treatments aren’t appropriate for teenagers’ growing bodies. The Bellevue Clinic’s sports gym is equipped so that young athletes can be evaluated and treated while in action. Evening and Saturday appointments make it easier to accommodate the busy schedules of teens and parents.

The center also offers Eastside families more than 15 pediatric specialty clinics, a lab, pharmacy, infusion services and a sibling playroom. There is also an evening and weekend urgent care clinic.

Here are some of the people – and design elements – that make the center ideal for Eastside families.

Treating Growing Athletes

Lisa Apple and Dilan Shayne Bower

Once a professional ballerina, physical therapist Lisa Apple draws on her own experience with sports-related injuries to help young athletes like Dilan Shayne Bower, 14, get back in the game. Dilan, who recently moved to Bellevue from Texas, has already endured multiple surgeries on his knees. At 6 feet 1 inch, he still has years of growth and – with proper treatment – years of competitive sports ahead of him.

No “Owies”!

Michelle Porras and Kimberly Corrado

Because they work only with kids, clinicians like ultrasonographer Michelle Porras have special expertise in calming the fears pediatric patients — like Kimberly Corrado, 4 — may have around treatments and tests. “The first thing I say is, ‘No owies here! I’m going to put gel on a camera and it might tickle,’” says Porras.

Improving the Day Surgery Experience

Dr. Lynn Martin

More time with mom or dad, and less stress

Our unique day surgery setup allows parents to be with their child right up until they are rolled into the operating room next door – and to reunite with them as soon as they open their eyes in the recovery area. Pediatric anesthesiologist Dr. Lynn Martin says that the center’s private induction (anesthesia) and recovery rooms ensure confidentiality and a quieter, calmer environment – something that reduces stress for child and parent alike.

Marcy Kloster

A kid-focused OR

When it comes to alleviating kids’ anxiety about anesthesia and surgery, distraction is the name of the game. Child Life Specialist Marcy Kloster uses toys like this “magic light” to focus little kids’ attention on something fun while awaiting anesthesia.

Dr. Herbert Thomas

100% pediatrics, 100% of the time

Our surgeons, like Dr. Herbert Thomas, have more experience than anyone else in the region treating children and teens. They work with fellowship-trained pediatric anesthesiologists who work exclusively with children.

Assessing Children's Pain

Controlling pain

Kids can’t always put what they feel into words. Once surgery is done, pictures on a pain scale help kids tell nurses how they’re feeling, so their pain can be treated effectively.

A Healing Environment Designed with Families in Mind

Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center rendering

Sustainable strategies were essential to the building’s design

We expect to save $117,000 per year in energy costs thanks to efficiencies in the mechanical system and “green roofs” that insulate parts of the facility. “Every dollar we save goes directly into patient care,” says Jeff Hughes, who leads Children’s environmental stewardship efforts.

KittenChops Artwork Bellevue

A healing environment

The interior art, designed by KittenChops, was inspired by the mutually beneficial relationship of patients and their caregivers. The ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable, engaging and positive environment in which to give and receive care.

Urgent Care: Answers After Hours

Dr. Usha Sankrithi and Jonathan Santiago

Answers when you need them

Some questions can’t wait for the doctor’s office to open but don’t merit a trip to the emergency room. Dr. Usha Sankrithi quickly resolved Bellevue resident Rosalba Santiago’s concerns about the irritation around her 6-month-old son Jonathan’s surgical site during a visit to the Urgent Care Clinic in Bellevue. Another perk besides the Eastside location? Patients don’t need an appointment, and out-of-pocket costs are typically less than an emergency room visit.