I Am Seattle Children's

Watch the videos and read the stories of the providers, staff, supporters, patients, families, volunteers and friends who make up the Seattle Children's family.

We Are Seattle Children’s

We Are Seattle Children's

Watch this video to learn more about joining Seattle Children's Guild Association.

Swim Lessons for Life

Climb of Courage

In this episode, you will meet a member of the Rehabilitation team who shares her passion for swimming with her patients and provides them with an opportunity to experience it first-hand. In the process, they learn to see themselves and their abilities in a whole new way. Watch the video.

Climb of Courage

Climb of Courage

In this episode, you will meet a member of the emergency department who survived a brutal brush with violence and is now an outspoken advocate for victims of domestic abuse. Find out what Mt. Rainier has to do with her journey of healing. Watch the video.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

In this episode, you will meet a member of the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic team who is cooking up and dishing out new ways for her patients to stay healthy. Watch the video.

The Bieber Bet

The Bieber Bet

It’s hard for children to spend days, weeks, sometimes months at the hospital. In this episode you’ll meet a Seattle Children’s child life specialist who loses a friendly bet to his patient and ends up giving her a day to remember… it has something to do with a teen heartthrob! Watch the video.

Working in the Gray


Meet a Seattle Children's employee and jazz musician who prefers working in what he calls the "gray zone". Find out what that means to him and how he's using his musical talents to impact people at work and in his own community. Watch the video.

Art That Heals


For young cancer patients, “Transplant Day” is like a new birthday. Nurse Levisen creates unique posters to celebrate this important milestone. Watch the video.

The Singin’ Chaplain


Meet a father and Seattle Children's volunteer who has turned his tragic loss of a child into a mission of healing through music. Watch the video.

There’s Something About Ice Cream


Who can say no to a heaping scoop of yummy ice cream? It makes any day a little brighter. About every four months, Seattle Children’s staff volunteers organize an ice cream social in the cancer unit. Here’s the inside scoop. Watch the video.

Meet More Seattle Children’s Family Members

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