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Luly Yang: I Bring Dreams to Life

Luly Yang

Couture Fashion Designer, Seattle, Washington

I left my career as a graphic designer 11 years ago to pursue my lifelong passion for designing couture gowns – fine dresses made from the most exquisite fabrics and tailored specifically for the wearer’s natural silhouette.

Some of my greatest inspiration comes from my clients, and this is especially true of a young woman whom I was fitting for a wedding gown eight years ago. As we talked, she said something that had a huge impact on me: “Seattle Children’s saved my life. Without them, I wouldn’t be getting married in this beautiful gown.”

Her story touched my heart and I knew I wanted to learn more. After taking a tour of the hospital, I started thinking about how – in a small way – Children’s and I had something in common: We’re both in the business of making people’s dreams come true.

With this young bride as inspiration, I decided to support the hospital by doing what I know best: designing dream garments for patients and having them model the clothes in my annual fashion show.

When the kids are backstage getting ready to walk the runway, I can literally feel their excitement. I see the joy in their faces and know how proud they are. My wish is that the way they feel on the night of the show – vibrant, beautiful and special – stays with them forever.

For weeks after a show, I am on cloud nine. Being able to create lasting memories for these children makes my own dreams as a designer come true.

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Published in Connection magazine, December 2012