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Marques Nobi Mar: I Am Saved

Marques Nobi Mar

Marques Nobi Mar has already had three open-heart surgeries to replace a valve in his heart that he keeps outgrowing.

Last February, I had my third open-heart surgery to replace a valve in my heart that I keep outgrowing. I don’t remember the other two surgeries because they happened when I was little.

Before I went to the hospital, my friend said she would cry if I died. Once I got to the hospital, I started to worry that my surgeon, Dr. Permut, might try to sneak and not do a good job. My mom said that no surgeon tries to sneak, but I still got kind of scared.

I guess the nurses told Dr. Permut, because he came in to see me on his day off and we had a long chat.

I asked him what kind of car he drove, and I flabbergasted him with all I know about cars. He told me that he’d never failed at the operation I was going to have, so I decided he was OK.

I did wonder if the ICU might be like a haunted house, so Dr. Permut set up a tour so I could check it out and see where I was going after surgery. It’s not creepy at all. The nurses are really nice, and they keep notes in the computer about me – like my favorite food: mac ’n cheese, fruit punch and omelette.

I don’t care so much about what’s going on in my body, but my mom always reminds me that Children’s keeps fixing my heart and saving my life. I’m glad, because I want to own a car dealership in Hawaii after college.

I like Children’s because of how kind they are. Children’s rocks.

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