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Kathi Goertzen: I Am a Cheerleader


Kathi Goertzen

Supporter Kathi Goertzen

Kathi Goertzen, journalist and nightly news anchor, KOMO TV 4, Seattle

It took only one visit to Seattle Children’s to touch my heart forever. I first came as a journalist to cover the story of a boy who received one of the first liver transplants performed in the Northwest.

My second visit was as a friend and volunteer.

Over the last 25 years, Children’s has given me more than I could ever give back. The greatest gift has been the honor of getting to know some very special patients and their families, whose courage and determination have become a beacon of light for me as I face my own health challenges.

And behind each of these children are the people who provide care. Their dedication and compassion isn’t scripted for any camera. It’s alive every hour of every day — whether or not anyone is watching.

Take Dr. Jim Olson. He’s quietly working on a type of paint that lights up cancer cells in tumors. One day, his work will transform the way brain-tumor surgeries are performed — helping people like me and countless others.

I tell anyone who will listen that Children’s isn’t just a hospital for children. It’s an integral part of our region — a place that seeks answers for all of us.

Get involved! Give! Do what you can for Children’s. Without it, we would be far less of a community.

I Am Seattle Children's: The People Behind the Care

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