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Donor Spotlight: Brad Bastian


Brad Bastian

Brad Bastian donor profile

Co-founder, BNBuilders

After building many of Seattle Children’s facilities, co-founder of BNBuilders Brad Bastian decided a business relationship wasn’t enough. A champion of Seattle Children’s Research Institute, Bastian is spreading the word about our scientists and the cures of tomorrow being discovered in Children’s labs.

Little did BNBuilders co-founder Brad Bastian know when he got involved with Seattle Children’s that what began as a business relationship would soon blossom into an alliance driven by a common goal. BNBuilders is a premier construction company with offices throughout the West Coast. Given its focus on life science and research institutes, its role as the builder of many of Children’s facilities seemed like a perfect partnership.

As Bastian grew more familiar with Children’s via his building projects, he was impressed by what he learned about the hospital’s mission and wanted to become personally involved. A devoted father of three active children, Bastian says advocating for pediatric care and research was a no-brainer. He now volunteers on the Science Education Advisory Committee for the institute and his wife, JoAnne, is a member of the Friends for Life Guild, which raises funds for pediatric oncology research at Children’s.

It didn’t take long for Bastian’s colleagues to follow his example and pledge their support to Children’s. BNBuilders is currently the proud lead sponsor of the Research Champions Program, which supports the life-saving research being done at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. “Research Champions fits really well with our culture. It allows our employees, business associates and friends to get involved in any way they can and to help direct their giving,” notes Bastian.

He’s done a remarkable job spreading the word about the research institute and why philanthropic support is vital. “They do fabulous work here, and they need help. They can’t do it alone, and we’re looking forward to helping the Research Institute reach out to the community, and try to get people more involved.”

There’s one simple reason Bastian’s advocacy is so strong:

“Every dollar that’s given to the institute has the potential to eliminate undeserved pain and suffering.”  

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