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Ken Alhadeff: I Am Inspired

Ken Alhadeff

Ken Alhadeff, sixth-generation Seattleite, entrepreneur, Seattle Children's donor

Seattle Children’s Hospital has been part of my DNA since birth. One of my earliest memories is of my mother volunteering with a guild in our Seward Park neighborhood. I remember being puzzled as to why children needed a different kind of hospital than grown-ups.

Now I know.

When our daughter Alison was 12 months old, she developed a serious intestinal condition. We ate and slept and lived at the hospital in that intimate way that only happens when your child is in dire need.

Some years later, our youngest child, Andrea, started having seizures at age 8. Again, Children’s turned what seemed so unfair into a happy ending for our family.

Is the hospital perfect? No. But the men and women who treat such complex conditions are perfect in their understanding that there is no “business as usual” for chronically ill children.

For my grandchildren, I pray that all Children’s ever has to be is a symbol of the goodness of the human spirit. But if it ever needed to be more, I’m so grateful that it’s here.

There’s a Hebrew term, l’dor v’dor. It means “from generation to generation.” Children’s embodies this concept by blending intelligence and compassion to create hope for each new generation.

Every day the newspapers tell us what’s wrong with us as a society. Children’s Hospital is about what’s right with us. The real news is that each of us has the capacity to include Children’s as part of our own front-page story.

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