Gazeki_Cindy_2017Cindy Gazecki, RN, MN, MHA

Senior Vice President, Hospital Operations

At Seattle Children’s since 1997
MHA, University of Washington
MN, University of Washington

As senior vice president of hospital operations, Cindy Gazecki is responsible for all aspects of ambulatory services, including more than 50 specialty clinics in 14 locations across Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. She is also responsible for emergency and urgent care services, clinical support services, safety systems and emergency preparedness, as well as accreditation and regulatory compliance.

Gazecki decided early in her nursing career that she wanted to be involved in nursing management so she could advocate for nurses and patients. She started her career as a labor and delivery nurse at the University of Washington Medical Center, and later moved to Swedish and became a nurse manager in their Mother and Baby Unit. She remained at Swedish for 12 years, eventually becoming their director for Women and Children’s Services.

Her current role at Seattle Children’s is an ideal combination that uses both her nursing and healthcare business backgrounds. Gazecki has overseen tremendous growth of Seattle Children’s ambulatory services and helped lead efforts to create more capacity for children to be seen by Seattle Children’s specialists. She also serves as executive sponsor of the hospital’s Inclusion Networks, which support workforce diversity and inclusion, and improvement efforts related to the patient and family experience.

Gazecki has also gone beyond her day-to-day responsibilities to create a safer community outside the walls of Seattle Children’s. After her family was personally affected by gun violence, she founded and co-sponsored the Coalition on Gun Violence Prevention.

Outside of work, Gazecki loves spending time with her children, husband and large extended family. She also loves to travel and Maui is her favorite place in the world to read a good book while digging her toes into the warm sand.

“I have always believed that this line of work is a calling. It is an honor and a privilege to work to improve the quality of healthcare that patients and families receive.”