Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Sperring leadershipJeff Sperring, MD

At Seattle Children’s since 2015
MD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

I wrote in my medical school application that being a doctor was as much a matter of the heart as it was the mind. During my third year of medical school, it became really clear that pediatrics was what I wanted to do. In working with kids and their families, I found the connection of care and science. Part of it is the challenge of taking care of kids who are sick, but more importantly the hope that you could make a difference that would be lifelong: 50, 60 or 70 years of impact. At this point in my career, I am fortunate to be able to move to the Pacific Northwest and join an amazing team at Seattle Children’s that is bringing more hope to kids and families every day by connecting the heart of care and the science of cure. Hope. Care. Cure. It's what we do best.


hendricks_James_173x105James B. Hendricks, PhD

President, Seattle Children’s Research Institute

At Seattle Children’s since 2003
PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Doug Picha leadershipDouglas Picha

President, Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation

At Seattle Children’s since 1980
BA, Washington State University

Senior and Executive Vice Presidents

  • Sandy Melzer, MD

    Executive Vice President, Networks and Population Health

  • Madlyn Murrey, RN, MN

    Senior Vice President, Chief Nursing Officer

  • Robert S. Sawin, MD

    Senior Vice President, Surgeon-in-Chief and President, Children's University Medical Group

  • Bruder Stapleton, MD

    Senior Vice President, Pediatrician-in-Chief, Chief Academic Officer and Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Washington School of Medicine

  • Russ Williams, MHA

    Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Other Leadership

  • Jeffrey Avansino, MD, MBA, Vice President and Medical Director, Surgical Services, and Associate Surgeon-in-Chief
  • Jennifer Becker, Vice President, Ambulatory
  • Greg Blackburn, MS, MBA, Vice President, Clinical Support Services
  • Sara D. Brown, MHA, Chief Privacy Officer
  • Vickie Cleator, Vice President, Research Service Line Operations
  • Katharine Fitzgerald, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Mary Gardner, CISSP, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Warren Hewitt, CPA, Chief Accounting Officer, Vice President, Finance
  • Michael Jensen, MD, Executive Director, CureWorks
  • Todd Johnson, Vice President, Facilities
  • Christine Kessler, Vice President of System Access, Practice Management and Executive Director of CUMG
  • Erik Lausund, Vice President, Research Operations and Logistics
  • Ruth McDonald, MD, Vice President and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Medical Operations
  • Mike Murphy, FACHE, CMPE, Vice President, Accountable Care Networks
  • Pam Rock, Vice President, Medical Service Lines and Specialty Programs
  • Petra Smith, JD, Vice President, Human Resources
  • James A. Santucci, Vice President, Surgical Services
  • Suzanne Petersen Tanneberg, MASSA, Vice President, External Affairs and Guest Services
  • Rod Tarrago, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer
  • Eric Tham, MD, MS, Vice President and Associate Chief Information Officer, Research IT, Clinical Applications and Analytics