Children's Health Care System

Operating Revenues: Oct. 1, 2003 - Sep. 30, 2004 (Dollars in Thousands)
Sources of revenues $
Patient Service Revenues341,763
Research and Other Government Grants33,427
Other Revenues24,702
Unrestricted Donations and Restricted Donations Used in Operations25,369
Investment Income32,145
Total Sources of Revenues $457,406
Uses of revenues $
Uncompensated Care34,606
Salaries and Benefits 177,386
Supplies and Other Expenses159,472
Depreciation and Interest36,742
Provision for Renovation, New Equipment and New Programs49,200
Total Uses of Revenues $457,406

Children's Hospital Foundation, Guild Association and Retail

Operating Revenues: Oct. 1, 2003 - Sep. 30, 2004 (Dollars in Thousands)
Sources of revenues $
Fundraising Revenues and Support51,887
Children's Retail (net revenues from thrift stores) 253
Subtotal $52,140
Expenses $
Fundraising and Administrative Expenses (-)6,166
Total Net Revenue $45,974

Contributions to Children's

Sources of contributions (expressed as% of total $received)

Sources of contributions to Children's: 4% from organizations and other donors; 7% from corporations; 12% from Guild projects; 8% from foundations; 1% from Children's thrift stores; 68% from individuals.

* This category includes donations from service groups (such as Elks, Kiwanis, Foresters) as well as workplace campaigns and non-guild special events.

Uses of contributions

Uses of contributions to Children's: 7% for patient care and hospital programs; 8% for facilities and equipment; 12% for fundraising and administration; 29% for research; 22% for greatest need; 22% for uncompensated care.


An average of 1,237 people contributed time and services each month for a total of 126,525 person hours in 2004. Here's where they spent their time:

Breakdown of Children's volunteer hours: 29% spent on inpatient care; 32% spent on support services; 2% spent on outpatient care; 37% spent on thrift and gift shops.

2004 Patient Stats

Patient-Related Statistics
Total patient visits209,341206,740
Individual patients74,000n/a
Appointments in our outpatient clinics160,752159,769
Visits to the emergency room29,07927,785
Admissions to the hospital11,41511,425
Short-stay visits8,0957,761
Patient beds250208

Where our inpatients come from

Where Children's inpatients come from: 18% from Seattle; 29% from other King County locations; 47% from other Washington locations; 5% from Alaska, Montana and Idaho; 1% from outside Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho.

Where our physicians travel to provide care (total of 261 clinic days)

Where Children's physicians travel to provide care: 40% to Anchorage and other Alaskan sites; 25% to Yakima, Washington; 20% to Wenatchee, Washington; 6% to Kennewick, Washington; 9% to other Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho sites.

2004 Staff Stats

Number of Active Staff
Active staff employed at Children's3,1963,006
Hospital-based physicians445420
Hospital-based allied health professionals*80n/a
Private-practice providers420414
Total active medical staff945834

* Allied health professionals include advance practice nurses, certified physician assistants and certified registered nurse anesthetists.