Children's Health Care System*


Operating Revenues: Oct. 1, 2002 - Sep. 30, 2003 (Dollars in Thousands)
Sources of revenues $
Patient Service Revenues 318,418
Research and Other Government Grants 29,919
Other Revenues 19,304
Unrestricted Donations and Restricted
Donations Used in Operations
Investment Income 15,115
Total sources of revenues $405,143
Uses of revenues $
Uncompensated Care 35,226
Salaries and Benefits 157,714
Supplies and Other Expenses 147,458
Depreciation and Interest 33,581
Provision for Renovation, New Equipment and New Programs 31,164
Total uses of revenues $405,143

* Children's Health Care System, a not-for-profit corporation, is the parent organization for Children's Hospital, Children's Hospital Foundation, Children's Hospital Guild Association, Children's Hospital Retail Division and HEALTHTEAM Northwest.

Children's Hospital Foundation, Guild Association and Retail


Operating Revenues: Oct. 1, 2002 - Sep. 30, 2003 (Dollars in Thousands)
Sources of revenues $
Fundraising Revenues and Support 40,889
Children’s Retail (net revenues from thrift stores) 249
Subtotal $41,138
Expenses $
Fundraising and Administrative Expenses (-)5,128
Total $36,010

Contributions to Children's

Sources of contributions (expressed as % of total $ received)


* This category includes donations from service groups (such as Elks, Kiwanis, Foresters) as well as workplace campaigns and non-guild special events.

Uses of contributions

Year in Review 2003 uses


An average of 1,372 people contributed time and services each month for a total of 124,873 person hours in 2003. Here's where they spent their time:

Year in Review 2003 volunteers

2003 Patient Statistics


Patient-Related Statistics
Category 2003
Total patient visits 206,740
Appointments in our outpatient clinics 159,769
Visits to the emergency room 27,785
Admissions to the hospital 11,425
Short-stay visits 7,761
Inpatient surgeries 6,731
Outpatient surgeries 7,032
Patient beds 208

Where our patients come from

Year in Review 2003 patients

Staff Statistics


Number of Active Staff as of Dec. 31, 2003
Category 2003
Active staff employed at Children's 3,006
Temporary employees 83
Hospital-based physicians 420
Private-practice providers 414
Total active medical staff 834