Fact Sheets

Continuously working to improve patient care

Seattle Children's Hospital is committed to improving the lives of the patients and families we serve and providing a productive work environment for our people. For more than a decade, the organization has applied a transformative philosophy called continuous performance improvement (CPI) to identify, test and implement improvements across the organization to ensure safety and quality and the best care.

The following fact sheets and videos highlight several ways we've used CPI to achieve important results.

Examples of how we work

CPI overview  

Overview (PDF)

CPI reducing  

Reducing Patient Time on Ventilators (PDF)

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CPI building  

Building In Steps to Support Emergency Care (PDF)

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CPI optimizing  

Optimizing Communication Around a Patient's Plan of Care (PDF)

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Forest Kitchen 220x180  

Using 3P Methodology to Design a New Kitchen for Seattle Children’s Hospital

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