Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey: Driving Culture Change to Increase Value

Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey cover

Every healthcare organization can learn from Seattle Children’s continuous improvement process, but Leading the Lean Healthcare Journey is not an operator’s manual. Instead, it is a challenge to everyone concerned with healthcare to reexamine deeply held assumptions. While it is commonly believed that improved quality, access and safety and an improved bottom line are mutually exclusive, Seattle Children’s demonstrates that it quite possible to realize all these improvements concurrently. Written by change agents from the front lines at Seattle Children’s, including Pat Hagan, former president and COO; Howard Jeffries, medical director of continuous performance improvement; Joan Wellman of Joan Wellman Associates; and other forward-thinking organizations, this book discusses ways to transform key personnel into change agents and engage all staff in a patient-focused culture dedicated to eliminating waste and improving all aspects of quality and care.

Change agents from Seattle Children’s Hospital, Jefferson Healthcare and the Everett Clinic in Washington; Memorial Care in California; and Minnesota Children’s Hospital and Clinics all make contributions to this book. Each one tells of challenges overcome through continuous improvement. Providing both example and inspiration, these organizations stand as proof that effective mindful change is feasible. Their stories of hard-gained progress is for healthcare professionals who have the willingness to look critically at their work and the tenacity to find better, less wasteful ways to deliver safe, high-quality care.

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