Students and trainees are critical to the work happening every day at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Throughout the year, OTER will highlight nationally designated “appreciation weeks” with tips on how to celebrate with the trainees in your area.

Recognition needn’t be limited to designated weeks. OTER is excited to introduce the “Better Know a…” series, highlighting students, grads and post-docs at the research institute. The series provides an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the unique individuals who contribute to our research – whether they are here for a quarter or for several years.

The “Better Know a…” series is not an award, but a way to increase visibility and community within our trainee groups. Nomination is easy – fill out a brief form and we’ll contact the nominee with follow up questions to help the Seattle Children’s Research Institute community get to know our next generation of scientific leaders. You can even nominate yourself!

Questions? Email the OTER staff.

Appreciation Weeks

  • Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week: April 2–7
  • Student Employee Appreciation Week: April 10–14
  • Volunteer Appreciation Week: April 24–28
  • Post-doc Appreciation Week: September 18–22

Tips for Trainee Appreciation

  • Have team members sign a card.
  • Treat your trainees to coffee or lunch.
  • Organize a team development activity.
  • Give your trainee a professional development opportunity they’ve been seeking.
  • Highlight your trainee’s contributions to someone else – your boss, another group that relies on them, etc.
  • Nominate them for the OTER “Better Know a…” series.
  • Dedicate time that week to doing one thing that can help advance that trainee’s trajectory – whether that’s a letter of recommendation, connecting them to someone in your network, giving them a new opportunity to stretch or carving out time to have a 1:1 career conversation with them.

Add to the list! Send your ideas for trainee appreciation to OTER.