You can use the form below to apply for research internships and training opportunities throughout the year. Placements are made on a quarterly basis. Many of our positions are tailored to individual applicants, depending on their skills and experience, and on our researchers’ needs.

If you are applying for a specific position within Seattle Children’s Research Institute, including UW graduate program rotations, please indicate the position on your application. Offers may be made throughout the year based on lab availability. Please email us if you have questions or would like more specific details.

Note: This application does not pertain to the Science Education Department’s High School STEM Internship. Please visit the Science Education Department page to apply for the STEM internships.

Selection Timelines

  • Spring 2018: Applications reviewed mid-February, selections made early March
  • Summer 2018: Applications open January 1, applications reviewed late March, selections made mid-April
  • Autumn 2018: Applications reviewed mid-August, selections made late August/early September
  • Winter 2019: Applications reviewed mid-November, selections made late November/early December

We are currently accepting applications for both Spring 2018 and Summer 2018. If you applied for our winter 2017 round, your application has been distributed to staff and faculty at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. If you would like your application to be considered for the future application time frames, please email us, and we will move your application to future applicant pools.

Opportunities open on a rolling basis at the research institute; student applications are documented in a database for distribution when new opportunities arise.