OTER mentorThe Office for Teaching, Education and Research (OTER) is a hub for students and trainees at Seattle Children’s Research Institute and a resource for the staff who serve them. We provide ongoing professional development, community building and educational opportunities, contributing to the training of future scientific leaders, and to the recruitment and retention of diverse, skilled trainees. In addition, we support the research institute staff in their roles as mentors and models for students and trainees.

Event Ideas and Proposals

Looking to plan an educational workshop, program or event for students or trainees at the research institute? OTER can help you with development, logistical planning and communication. Please submit your proposal no later than four weeks prior to a new event or six weeks prior to a workshop or educational course.

Simply want to share an idea for a program or event? Email us.

Need help with students and trainees?

The Office for Teaching, Education and Research is a hub for student applications at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. OTER can help PIs and staff in the creation of and logistics involved with student and trainee positions. If you are interested in bringing a student into your lab, please email us. OTER also provides support for PIs and staff in their work with students, including consultation, mentoring and management resources and assistance with onboarding and orientation. For more information on student selection, onboarding, and orientation, as well as resources, please visit the OTER site on CHILD.