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2013 Academic Annual Report



We’re developing the cures of tomorrow. Read about what we’ve discovered.

We’re committed to the people and infrastructure that make scientific advances possible.

See how the work we are doing today will improve the practice of pediatric healthcare tomorrow.

Best of 2013

  • Bringing Balance to the Face

    Seattle Children's Craniofacial Center is the first to offer children with Apert syndrome a revolutionary procedure to normalize their facial proportions.... cont.

  • New Approach to Curing Crohn's

    Seattle Children’s researchers are using fecal transplant to find cures for inflammatory bowel disease in children.... cont.

Research on the Rise

  • Cure Factory

    Seattle Children’s new cell production facility helps turn laboratory discoveries into lifesaving therapies – starting with cancer immunotherapy. ... cont.

  • Stellar Recruits of 2013

    From curing graft-versus-host disease to using Facebook to prevent drunk driving, Seattle Children's Research Institute's newest researchers are pursuing innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. ... cont.

Research Space Funding 2013

Inquiry in Action

  • Seizure-Free with Minimal Risk

    When children with epilepsy run out of treatment options, MRI-guided laser ablation surgery offers hope for a seizure-free life.

  • Teens and Tech: Promise and Risk

    Seattle Children’s researchers develop an iPad app to address key teen health issues and provide guidance for using social media safely.

Academic Annual Report