Million Dollar Baby

By Kila Padilla

Tell us your story.

Our son was born with a number of physical challenges. The main cause was his posterial uretheral valves located in his urethra which were blocking off his ability to urinate. The condition caused him to have Grade 5 reflux which means his ureters were implanted at an angle and urine would travel back up into the kidneys. This would bring on his hydronephrosis, a condition where the kidneys get filled with urine and dialate leading to kidney tissue damage. He was most recently diagnosed with kidney failure. Luckily, it's only his left kidney.

Our entire team at Seattle Children's is amazing!! Our urologist is the best one I could ever ask for. Our son has been through six surgeries with her and I have to say I never thought I could trust anyone as much as I do her with my child's life. Thank you Dr. Shnorhavorian for keeping my son alive. She is the best urologist, and takes time to talk to us and answer every question I have and I have learned so much from her and all of our doctors. If anyone can help, the doctors and staff at Seattle Children's can. My husband is in the military and will be deployed soon, so we will be moving back to California. It's sad knowing that I'll soon be leaving here and moving down to Valley Children's Hospital. I am sure they will be just as helpful as this hospital.

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

A sign of hope and happiness. I am so grateful we were given the opportunity to get to know the doctors and staff here. Thank You All!!