Grateful Parents - Courtney Stepp

By Janice Stepp

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Christmas Eve 1983 we arrived into Emergency with our 6 month old infant who had a high fever. A very professional and competent doctor gently took Courtney from us and immediately began caring for her. I don't remember his name but remember what he was wearing.

After examining her and ordering the appropriate tests, he informed us that we had a very sick child who would be admitted. With care and compassion he told us of the potential outcome- Courtney could be disabled with any degree of mental retardation, be blind, deaf, etc. We later found out that he offered his services in the emergency room on holidays such as Christmas so other doctors could enjoy the holiday with their families.

We appreciated the care and compassion, respect and understanding of the staff at Children's, as well as the Guild. Christmas morning we were blessed with a shopping bag of items as well as Courtney's 1st Santa picture. Courtney was developing normally for a child her age when meningitis caught her. Therapists (Occupational/Physical/Speech) observed Courtney to determine possible disabilities. The audiologist determined that fluid behind the ear drums was the cause of her hearing loss beginning years of ENT's, ear tubes and speech therapy which was done so lovingly by Nancy and others. There were times I actually felt guilty coming into Children's with Courtney who could run, jump, talk, laugh, unlike many of the children we came in contact with.

The information, care and encouragement given us by the staff at Children's enabled us to get the care our daughter needed through the years. Courtney has matured and grown into a confident, competent young woman, on the brink of an elementary teaching career.


Janice M. Stepp

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

Children's was (and is) a place of compassion and understading for us in a time of need. When we brought our infant into the ER, we were fearful of the potential outcome. Our experience led us to some very positive people who were passionate about their jobs with children and families. For this we are greatful. We have shared our story with others and graciously tell all parents that Children's is "the place to be" when, and if, you must have medical attention for your child that reaches beyond the scope of your family pediatrician/doctor. We are glad you were there for us.