Brenna's Diagnosis

By Brandy Krug

Tell us your story.

My daughter, Brenna, was born very sick. I immediately noticed that something was wrong when I brought her home from the hospital. It was very scary for me. I was not only a single mother, but I was only 18 at the time as well. Brenna was in constant pain. Over the course of ten months, I took her to many different doctors, clinics and hospitals. Every single doctor, clinic and hospital that examined my child told me that all she had was a viral infection and that it would go away... but it never did. It only seemed to get worse each week.

I continued to take her in every single week. These doctors began to think that I was an overprotective mother. No one would listen to me or take me seriously. I begged for a referal to Children's Hospital, yet still, they refused. It wasn't "medically neccesary" and with our insurance, they had to make sure they exhausted all other options first. Time seemed to be "of the essence" and I grew frustrated. I knew that something was very wrong. I thought my daughter was going to die before they could figure out what was wrong with her. The doctors ran so many different tests. Yet, I still could not get answers.

Finally, when my daughter reached ten months, she could hardly breath anymore and I broke down and spoke to a nurse at a clinic and cried to her about my situation. She made an appointment for Brenna to see one of their doctors. We went and she gave me the referral that I needed. I made the appointment to Children's and there, they tested her for a fatal genetic disease called "Cystic Fibrosis". Sure enough, by the time I made it home from the hospital, I received a phone call that would change our lives forever... Brenna tested positive for Cystic Fibrosis.

CF primarily attacks the digestive system and the respiratory system. They got her on the proper medication right away. We finally got our answer thanks to Children's Hospital. I don't think my daughter would be alive today if it wasn't for them.

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

The doctors explained everything to us and we immediately got her on the appropriate medications. I noticed a change in my daughter almost instantly. I was so releaved to get an answer to my prayers. I could never thank them enough. Brenna is now a thriving four year old girl who participates in gymnastics and school. She is still a patient at Children's Hospital. I absolutely LOVE all the doctors in the Cystic Fibrosis clinic. They have been so helpful and they guide us through the information to understand everything we need to know about the disease. All of the staff at Children's Hospital is terrific. They have made such a huge difference and impact in our lives. If it wasn't for Children's Hospital, I don't think my little girl would be alive and well, with us today. I thank my lucky stars and God every day that she's here with us. I would not have my daughter today if Children's Hospital didn't help us. They are great!!