Brayden Levi's Story

By Megan Manson

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When I was 32 weeks pregnant with Brayden, his heart rate started to drop. I went in for extra ultrasounds and non-stress tests. Everyone said Brayden looked strong and healthy and didn't know why his heart rate had dropped. Maybe I was further along than they had thought.

Then on March 31, 2008 we had our third little boy...8lbs. 10oz. Mr. Brayden Levi. He is so gorgeous. My delivery was normal, but something didn't feel right. I had a wonderful nurse who in the middle of the night had noticed he never pinked up all the way so she called the pediatrician. They discovered a heart murmur and said he needed to be flown to Children's.

That was the scariest two hour drive of our lives. When we arrived the doctors explained that Brayden's left ventricle hadn't formed. He was going to need a series of three heart surgeries if he was going to survive. When Brayden was 8 days old he had his 1st surgery. Nothing could prepare you to see your child like that, but he had the most amazing team working with us. He was in the hospital for about seven and a half weeks before we got to take him home.

Next came the next scariest part, taking care of him by myself without doctors and nurses. He is an amazingly strong and healthy little boy. He has done remarkable so far. Right now Mr. Brayden is in having his second surgery and I'm scared, but with confidence that everything will be just fine.

I don't have an end to his story yet, but Brayden's a fighter. His name means strong and mighty so I have no doubts that he will live up to his name. I will let you know how it all turns out, but don't forget to pray for all the little ones.

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

Being a mother I'm used to being able to meet the needs of all my kids, but Children's Hospital has done something for my family that I couldn't do. They fixed my little boys heart. We are eternally grateful for the time Children's has been able to give us with our son. Without Children's I would only be a mother of two amazing boys, not three totally amazing boys.