Alex's Miracle

By claudia robbs

Tell us your story.

My son, Alex was 4 years old when he fell ill with abdominal pains and diarrhea. We first had his tests done at Overlake Hospital on an emergency basis after his doctor said he was very ill. The tests came back Ecoli 057. We immediately insisted that he be taken to Children's as we had heard about their reputation. We asked family members and friends to start praying as there had recently been several ecoli cases with poor outcomes.

After admitting Alex, Children's ran more tests and immediately reviewed the information from Overlake. He was immediately taken to a room and given fluids intravenously. The next day he woke up and asked for food, we knew that this was a good sign. The doctors were amazed at how quickly his recovery had started. They ran additional tests, and after 2 nights in the hospital he was miraculously recovered. The doctors said that he no longer had ecoli.

We couldn't believe what had happened and asked several questions, but all we really cared about was that Alex was well again. Children's Hospital made us as comfortable as possible and was really caring with Alex. I was able to sleep in his room and stay with him 100% of the time. Our story turned out to be a miracle, and we thank Children's for their quick response to his needs. To this date, we don't understand how one hospital can test for ecoli and have a positive result and then one day later the tests showed a negative result, but we are thankful!

What does Children's mean to you, your child and your family?

We were very thankful for their prompt service and ability to diagnose Alex. The doctors and nurses were extremely helpful.