No Confirmed Cases of Enterovirus D68 at Seattle Children’s Hospital; Awaiting Further Test Results From CDC

For additional information, please refer to Public Health-Seattle & King County's press release on this issue

At this time there are no confirmed cases of EV-D68 at Seattle Children’s Hospital. However, we do have a small number of cases of severe respiratory disease in patients who have a positive screening test for rhinovirus or enterovirus infection. In conjunction with local public health authorities, additional testing has been requested at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At this time test results are pending and we expect to receive them sometime next week. For any hospitalized patients who test positive for rhinovirus or enterovirus, Seattle Children’s will continue to work closely with Public Health-Seattle & King County to determine if further testing for EV-D68 is needed. Seattle Children’s is also taking the necessary steps to prepare in the event that an EV-D68 outbreak occurs in our region and a large number of patients seek care in our emergency department or are hospitalized with respiratory illness.

Independent of whether or not EV-D68 is causing these illnesses, a significant portion of the children hospitalized with severe respiratory disease from a variety of causes have underlying asthma. It’s important for parents to seek medical help immediately if a child with asthma experiences more severe symptoms that do not improve as expected with rescue medications. For more information about when a child with asthma should see a doctor, please visit “Asthma Attack: Should Your Child See a Doctor.” For additional information about enterovirus EV-D68, please visit the Public Health-Seattle & King County and CDC websites.

For additional information, please refer to Public Health-Seattle & King County’s press release on this issue.

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