Seattle Children’s, Little People of America and Caffe Ladro to “Stand Tall for Little People” in October

Local Espresso Bar and Bakery Shrinks Logo to Kick-off National Dwarfism Awareness Month

On Oct.1, Seattle Children’s, Little People of America’s (LPA) Puget Sound chapter and Caffe Ladro launched the “Stand Tall for Little People” campaign to kick off National Dwarfism Awareness Month. Throughout the month of October, Caffe Ladro’s 13 Puget Sound locations will shrink its distinctive “tall man” logo on its cups to represent and raise awareness for our community members with dwarfism, also known as skeletal dysplasia. Hi-resolution photos of the cups can be downloaded here:

The tall-sized cups will feature a smaller version of Caffe Ladro’s signature man in coat and hat, and include the phrase “Stand Tall for Little People.” Coffee drinkers will be directed to to learn about the campaign, read facts about dwarfism, and to help make a big difference in the lives of little people.

One in every 15,000 children is born with skeletal dysplasia and 80 percent of those children have average-height parents and siblings. There are a number of genetic causes for skeletal dysplasia, which is a condition resulting when bones are not able to grow to average length. Seattle Children’s Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic, recognized as one of the leading institutions in the Pacific Northwest and nation, focuses on providing world-class, comprehensive care for people of all ages diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia and other rare bone conditions.

“We’re honored to have this opportunity to help recognize Dwarfism Awareness Month by standing tall for little people,” said Michael J. Goldberg, MD and chief of Seattle Children’s Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic. “Having one of the largest skeletal dysplasia programs in the region comes with a great responsibility to not only provide expertise and comprehensive care for patients, but to also support the broader dwarfism community, by raising awareness and educating the general public.”

LPA, a national non-profit organization that provides support for people with dwarfism, first declared October as National Dwarfism Awareness Month in 2010, and encourages each of its 6,000 members and 70 chapters to develop campaigns in their local communities to extend LPA’s important message. As an active LPA partner and supporter, Seattle Children’s and LPA of Puget Sound approached Caffe Ladro to participate in the Stand Tall for Little People campaign and create the signature campaign cups.

“By reducing the size of our logo, Caffe Ladro can increase the awareness of this important issue,” said Jack Kelly, owner of Caffe Ladro. “No matter where you buy your tall drink, we hope you’ll stand tall for little people during October.”

“The public often times has a knowledge gap when it comes to the issues that people with skeletal dysplasia face on a daily basis,” said Julie Matsuoka, president of LPA’s Puget Sound chapter. “At LPA, we hope to bring solutions and raise awareness to the issues affecting people with dwarfism and their families. Partnering with supportive local organizations, like Seattle Children’s and Caffe Ladro, allows us to spread the word broadly and garner increasing community support.”

Seattle Children’s, LPA of Puget Sound and Caffe Ladro encourages the public to visit any of Caffe Ladro’s 13 locations during the month of October to show their support for Dwarfism Awareness Month. Community members can learn more about the Stand Tall for Little People campaign, and how to support Seattle Children’s Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic and LPA at:

About Little People of America

Little People of America (LPA) is a nonprofit organization that provides support and information to people of short stature and their families. Founded in 1957, LPA is the only dwarfism support organization providing social interaction, parent and peer support, medical support and education, scholarships and grants. LPA has more than 6,000 members worldwide with 14 districts and 70 chapters all dedicated to providing support and raising awareness for the dwarfism community. For more information visit

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