Seattle Children’s Autism Center Launches Blog to Offer Perspective on Raising a Child with Autism

Blog offers a practitioner’s perspective on topics relevant to parenting a child with autism

Seattle Children’s Autism Center today announced the launch of The Autism Blog, a new blog for parents and caregivers of children with autism. Authored by physicians, nurses, psychologists and other staff, the blog offers a practitioner’s perspective on topics relevant to parenting a child with autism.

The Autism Blog’s launch coincides with Autism Awareness month. According to industry data, one in 110 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and while there is an abundance of information available to parents and caregivers, that information at times can be difficult to navigate and understand.

“We are excited about the possibilities of using the knowledge of the wide range of talented staff at the Autism Center to provide up-to-date and scientifically informed information about multiple aspects of autism spectrum disorders to the general public,” said Dr. Charles Cowan, medical director of the Seattle Children’s Autism Center. “The public wants credible information to help sort out multiple controversies about autism. Even when there are disagreements among professionals, families need places to turn to help make decisions for themselves and their children. We hope The Autism Blog will be one such resource.”

The Autism Blog writers aim to help parents and caregivers better navigate and leverage the wealth of information available, which often can be confusing and conflicting. The blog will include information on a range of topics such as selecting a summer camp to sibling support to new research findings. In addition, contributors will share their perspective on the latest news and information about autism.

By discussing current issues and addressing salient questions, The Autism Blog hopes to build a sense of community with its readers, and lessen the confusion, fear and frustration they may be experiencing while caring for a child with autism.

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