Printed Pills to Model Hearts: How 3-D Printing Is Changing Health

Printed Pills to Model Hearts: How 3-D Printing Is Changing Health

Source: ABC News

In Seattle, doctors have been able to use 3-D printing technology to “practice” risky surgeries so that they will face fewer surprised in the operating room. Kami Sutton was born with her heart “backwards” and faced numerous surgeries as a result. For a recent procedure her doctor was able to take multiple scans of Sutton’s heart and print out a model version. “Kami’s heart is truly one-of-a-kind,” Dr. Stephan Seslar, a congenital heart disease specialist and electrophysiologist at Seattle Children’s and University of Washington Medical Center said said on the Seattle Children’s Hospital website. “Operating on her without understanding the anatomy of her heart better could be very dangerous.”

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