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ADHD Moms Wanted


ADHD Moms Wanted

April 04, 2014


Source - Seattle's Child Magazine

Dr. Mark Stein of Seattle Children’s has dedicated his career to the research and treatment of ADHD. In his estimation, approximately 20 percent of children with ADHD have a parent who suffers from the disorder as well. Unfortunately, adults are harder to diagnose, as the symptoms are subtle and less visible. Nevertheless, a parent with untreated ADHD will often struggle in the management of their child’s treatment.  Stein’s study, named Mothers First, originally began in Chicago and has been in progress here in Seattle for about two months and will continue for two years. In his study, Stein hopes to show that by treating the parent with medication, behavior modification or a combination of both, that medication for the child can be delayed or avoided. This family-centric approach is welcomed by many who are concerned with the rapid rise in the number of children receiving ADHD medications.

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