Guild Members Create Brighter Futures for Children

Sequim Guild large

Last year, members of the Sequim Guild together raised more than $24,000 for uncompensated care.

Friends Sandie McFayden and Marty McMillin are active members of the Sequim Guild, committed to fundraising for uncompensated care.

"I want to do as much as I can to help children," says McFayden, a retired insurance company employee. She participates in her guild's events and projects on a weekly basis. She contributes her time to its pancake breakfast, bunco parties and Christmas bazaar. For the last seven years, she has also served as a regional representative for all Clallam County and Jefferson County guilds.

To expand her commitment even further, McFayden decided to include Seattle Children's in her will. "There's no better place than Children's to leave my money," she says. "Families will always need financial assistance with their children's healthcare."

McFayden McMillin

Guild members Sandie McFayden (left) and Marty McMillin both chose to make Seattle Children's a part of their estate plans, in addition to participating in their guild's annual events and projects.

McFayden has a very personal reason for giving back. "Uncompensated care meant that my granddaughter received care when she needed it," she says. Her granddaughter Brittaney, now 23, was transported from Stevens Hospital, in Edmonds, to Children's when she was born. At one day of age, she underwent open-heart surgery at Children's. "Ever since then, I've been grateful to Children's for helping her and so many other local children," says McFayden.

"Numerous children from Clallam County are seen at Children's," adds McMillin, a retired district manager for Southwestern Bell. "The funds our guild raises for uncompensated care make an impact."

McMillin preceded McFayden as regional representative and has been a guild member for more than 20 years. Like McFayden, she decided to include Children's as a part of her estate plan, in her living trust.

"I have two grandchildren, 7 and 11, who are both healthy and vibrant," she says. "But what about all those children who are not as fortunate? When a medical crisis hits, it can be devastating. I'm proud to be a legacy donor and want my gift to pave a brighter path for children."

If you'd like to help future generations of children receive the very best care by including Children's in your will or estate plan, contact Lorraine del Prado at 206-987-4977 or Christina Lui at 206-987-6812.