We Are Seattle Children's: The Tailgaters Anonymous for Children's Guild

Tailgaters Anonymous Membership News 620

Stephen Howey and his friends and family members have been cheering on the Seahawks as Tailgaters Anonymous for years. In summer 2013, the group founded the Tailgaters Anonymous for Children's Guild as a way to build on their passion for community engagement. Since then, the guild has hosted a sports-themed silent auction and collaborated in presenting the St. Patrick's Day Dash; plans are now in the works for a summer cocktail party and auction. The guild currently has 23 members and even more supporters. It started with an initial fundraising goal of $5,000, but expects to have raised more than $60,000 by the end of the year. "When we started tailgating in 2009, we never could have imagined that our small group of Seahawks fans would become passionate fundraisers," says Howey. "It's been really great to see the group transform."

Thank You to Our 2013 Lifetime Guild Members

In 2013, 39 individuals and couples became lifetime members of the Guild Association. This is more than double the number in 2012! Thank you to the following people who became lifetime guild members by making a one-time donation of $1,000 (for individuals) or $1,500 (for couples).

  • Carole Anderson
  • Joan Anderson
  • Joyce E. Anderson
  • Cheryl Avery
  • Bylieu Badgley
  • Aimee Bassett
  • Laurie Boehme
  • Ronald and Barbara Bray
  • Ethel Brende
  • Shaker Chandrasekaran
  • Ann M. Cummings
  • Lisa A. Fugate
  • Catherine L. Hardy
  • Gretchen and Chuck Howard
  • Rosemary Hunt
  • Mary Pat Iaci
  • Heather Kelley
  • Aileen Kelly
  • Helen I. Langer
  • Lupe and Phil Lind
  • Phyllis A. Lindsey
  • Barbara W. Maddux
  • Lisa Mann
  • Sandra McFayden
  • Gina M. Meyers
  • Adam Orkand
  • Jody Oxenford
  • Teresa Serex
  • Patricia L. Shinstrom
  • Joanne B. Simpson
  • Bernice Smith
  • Amy K. Steele
  • William Stockdale
  • Hope Stroble
  • Donna Quatsoe Tindall
  • Petra Walker
  • Iris Watson
  • Ann and David Wetter
  • William and Carol Wrenn

Guild Trustees Are Proud to Support You

Guild board membership spring 2014

The Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association Board of Trustees is governed by 22 volunteer members who strive to enhance the success of all guilds while remaining active within their own.

Through their involvement in numerous committees and membership outreach activities, trustees look for ways to help guilds increase net revenue, bolster membership and understand fundraising rules and regulations. Trustees also approve the Guild Association's budget and work with hospital leaders to determine the focus of our annual Funding Focus initiative.

"Supporting the efforts of our guilds is an honor," says Sue Byers, board chair. "Everyone on the guild board is proud to serve as your trustee."

Building Hope Update: The Forest Zone Is Already Full!

This past April, Seattle Children's welcomed patients to the new Forest zone, the first phase of its Building Hope expansion.

The hospital opened four floors in the Forest zone: one for the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Unit, one floor for younger cancer patients, one for critical care units and one for the new Emergency Department. Several floors were left as shelled space so the hospital could expand as needed.

By summer 2013, the critical care units were already operating at capacity. The hospital is now planning to finish some of the shelled space - which was not anticipated to happen until 2015 or 2016 - to add the needed critical care beds.

Thank you for your steadfast advocacy and fundraising as we help the hospital assure that there is always a bed for any child in our region who needs medical care.

Hospital Provides $117 Million in Uncompensated Care

Seattle Children's provided $117 million in uncompensated care in fiscal 2013, an increase of approximately $4 million over fiscal 2012. Guild fundraising is a vital source of uncompensated care contributions, helping Seattle Children's keep its founding promise to the community - caring for children in our region regardless of families' ability to pay.

Though healthcare reform has changed the way some of our patients are covered by insurance, your support of uncompensated care remains fundamental to ensuring that kids in our region receive the medical care they need. For patients covered by Medicaid, uncompensated care covers what Medicaid does not. For patients with insurance, uncompensated care ensures that they receive the healthcare they need despite high deductibles, annual maximums and diagnosis-based maximums set by their insurance companies.

Thank you for your steadfast support of uncompensated care and the families we serve.

Guild News Around the World

Guild members Katie Carter, Cilla Joondeph and Sharon McCagg

Guild members Katie Carter, Cilla Joondeph and Sharon McCagg caught up on the latest issue of Guild News on a vacation to Ixtapan de la Sal, Mexico.