Legacy Spring 2014 mothers

Honoring Thy Mother

For more than a century, many guild members have joined the Seattle Children's family because of the examples set by their mothers. This year Seattle Children's received the largest gift in its history, which was given in honor of the donor's mother. To acknowledge this transformative gift and the many ways you pay tribute to your mothers by supporting Seattle Children's, we share a few of your stories below.

1. The late Jack MacDonald left Seattle Children's Research Institute a $75.04 million share of his perpetual trust to honor his mother, Katherine MacDonald, a longtime member of the Connie Beal Howe Guild.

2. Balisa Koetje joined her mother, Suellen Lemmon, as an Ann Carlson Guild member, and also followed in her footsteps by including Seattle Children's in her will. "My grandmother was involved with charity and my mother has given her time, talents and money to Children's over the years," says Koetje.

3., 4. Children 4 Children's Junior Guild member Dan Ederer (pictured with his kids) is funding a life insurance policy that will benefit the endowment named after his mother, Janice Ederer, a former member of the Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association Board of Trustees and the Windermere-Dr. Merrill Shaw Guild.

5. John and Carl Behnke are making a donation to remember their mother, Sally Skinner Behnke, who helped establish the Olive Kerry Guild in 1945 and served on Seattle Children's Board of Trustees. Behnke herself also left a portion of her estate to Seattle Children's.

6. Longtime supporter Mary Ellen Copner was inspired to include the hospital in her will by her mother, Maude, who was a member of the Harriet Rowley Auxiliary. When she was growing up, Copner participated with her mother in Seattle Children's Penny Drives to collect money for the hospital.