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Guild News Spring 2014

A publication for the members of Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association


Guilds Fund Lifesaving Research

Milton Wright Spring 2014 hub

Last fall, Milton Wright, 20, suspected that his cancer was back, for the third time. Not wanting to worry his loved ones, he went to his appointment at Seattle Children’s alone and learned that his leukemia had in fact returned – and that it was resistant to chemotherapy.

He feared the worst. “I was waiting for them to give me my six months,” he recalls.

Then Seattle Children’s oncologist Dr. Rebecca Gardner told Milton he was an ideal candidate for a cellular immunotherapy clinical trial underway at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. …cont.


Membership News

Tailgaters Anonymous Guild News hub

We Are Seattle Children’s: The Tailgaters Anonymous for Children’s Guild

Stephen Howey and his friends and family members have been cheering on the Seahawks as Tailgaters Anonymous for years. In summer 2013, the group founded the Tailgaters Anonymous for Children’s Guild as a way to build on their passion for community engagement. …cont.




Rallying Around Research

Ned and Kayla Skinner Guild Ned and Kayla Skinner Guild
Team Seattle Guild Team Seattle Guild
Star Guild Star Guild
Jack R. MacDonald Jack R. MacDonald

Tips for Success


Two Steps Forward, or Three Steps Back?
Will adding technology help or hinder your guild’s event?

There are many ways to integrate technology into your guild’s fundraising efforts, such as providing for online event registration, conducting fundraising campaigns by email and enabling guests to bid on auction items or make donations via their smartphones.


Deciding whether to add technology to your event can be both tempting and intimidating, so the Guild Association’s Fundraising Development and Support Committee has put together a list of tips. Review them as you evaluate whether new technology will help or hinder your guild’s fundraising efforts. …cont.


Leaving a Legacy

Koetje Guild News Spring 2014 hub Legacy

Honoring Thy Mother

For more than a century, many guild members have joined the Seattle Children’s family because of the examples set by their mothers. This year Seattle Children’s received the largest gift in its history, which was given in honor of the donor’s mother. To acknowledge this transformative gift and the many ways you pay tribute to your mothers by supporting Seattle Children’s, we share a few of your stories. …cont.

Round of Applause


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