Add a "Tangible Twist" to Your Next Event

Looking for an easy way to make a difference for Seattle Children's? At your guild's next event, invite guests to purchase tangible items for patients and families. Consider these creative approaches to add a "tangible twist" to your event:

Display items in a silent auction

The Eastside Friends for Children's Guild arranged teen items on a table near its silent auction with bid sheets for more than one "winning bidder." Guests made direct donations by writing their bid numbers on the bid sheets, and the proceeds allowed the Child Life Department at Children's to purchase the most-needed items for teen patients.

Add a tangible item to a raise-the-paddle

At the Clare Beckett Guild's "An Evening of Love and Laughter" auction, guild member Brooke Shumaker talked about the difficulties she faced nursing while her baby was an inpatient at Children's. She then invited guests to donate $35 to purchase a nursing stool, a much-needed item for the hospital's Lactation Department. Guests donated a total of $2,000 to the Lactation Department, far exceeding the guild's goal of 10 stools. "This is a great example of how one person, one guild, can make a difference," says fellow guild member Judy Gaffney.

Support Operation Family Care: invite guests to buy groceries

Operation Family Care started in September as this year's Guild Association-wide heartwarming drive to collect groceries and gift cards for families in need. By displaying the requested items in silent "auctions" and adding $25 "grocery bag" levels to their raise the paddle, guilds have already raised thousands of dollars that Children's Social Work Department can use to purchase groceries for patients' families.

Maximize matching funds

Approach a cash sponsor or donor who supports your guild's event and ask if they would be willing to match donations to purchase tangible items. The Catalina's Hope Guild asked a $250 cash donor to match the first 10 donations to purchase grocery bags. Nineteen people raised their paddles, and the guild donated the equivalent of 29 bags of groceries to the Social Work Department; that's more than a month of groceries for families at the hospital! One guest at the Clare Beckett Guild's event offered a surprise match during the raise-the-paddle for nursing stools, and guests donated enough money to fund the purchase of 10 additional stools.

Partner with a local business

The Swim for Children's Guild partnered with Sylvia's Swimwear to promote its swim across Lake Washington and to donate swimsuits to patients using Children's Therapy Pool. The guild posted information about its event in the store, and the store sold discounted swimsuits to shoppers and then donated the swimsuits to Children's.


  • Before your guild chooses a tangible item, make sure it is on the hospital's wish list.
  • If your guild intends to raise more than $2,500 for tangible items that are not a part of the Guild Association heartwarming drive, request prior approval from the Seattle Children's Hospital Guild Association Board of Trustees by calling the Guild Association at 206-987-2153.
  • Make sure your guild's Treasurer's Report (PDF) includes the amount of money raised to purchase tangible items.
  • Call the Guild Association at 206-987-2153 with any questions and for other tips.