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Seattle Children’s Bargain Boutiques


Bargain Boutiques Winter 2013 Bargain Boutiques staff also partnered with Zulily to host a sample sale and raise an additional $38,000 for cancer research.

Seattle Children’s Bargain Boutiques joined Research Champions again this year: each store raised $2,500 or more for pediatric cancer research.

Stores raised a combined $15,000 and hosted creative events and promotions to encourage support. The Redmond Bargain Boutique held a "Gifts for a Cure Sale" and displayed specific merchandise on sale to benefit cancer research, raising more than $3,300. Each store will continue to display canisters to encourage cash donations from shoppers.

This is the second year in a row that the Bargain Boutiques became members of Research Champions, a donor recognition program at Children’s. The Bargain Boutiques staff continues to be inspired by Dr. Mike Jensen, director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research, and his vision to “reprogram” the body’s own immune system to kill cancer cells.

Learn more about how to support the efforts of our six Bargain Boutiques.

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