Three Diagnoses, Two Guilds, One Friendship

Lisa Wrenn rarely left her son Keaton’s bedside in summer 2006 during the 16-month-old’s treatment for a cancerous brain tumor that had spread down his spine. While Wrenn kept vigil day and night with Keaton, her husband Chris brought their daughter Mason, then 3, to the hospital in the evenings, along with the well-wishes collected from friends and family.

Karen Kaizuka was one of those well-wishers. A former co-worker of Chris’s, Kaizuka had just started her own journey at Seattle Children’s. Her toddler, Oliver Boctor, was showing behaviors consistent with autism spectrum disorder.…cont.

Membership News

And the Nominees Are...

...You tell us! Each year at the Guild Association Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration, our board of trustees recognizes superior guild support with the Anna Clise Award for Individual Achievement and the Chairman’s Award for Guild Excellence. Who would you like to nominate?…cont.

Mitochondrial Research GuildMitochondrial Research Guild  
Pediatric Brain Tumor Research GuildPediatric Brain Tumor Research Guild  
Seattle Children’s Autism GuildSeattle Children’s Autism Guild  
Dr. Forrest L. Flashman GuildDr. Forrest L. Flashman Guild  
We Believe GuildWe Believe Guild  
Children’s Circle of CareChildren’s Circle of Care  

Tips For Success

Add a “Tangible Twist” to Your Next Event

Looking for an easy way to make a difference for Seattle Children’s? At your guild’s next event, invite guests to purchase tangible items for patients and families.

Consider these creative approaches to add a “tangible twist” to your event.…cont.

Leaving a Legacy

Lifelong Seattle Children’s Champion Makes Lasting Contribution

At the 2012 Guild Association Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration, Peggy Habegger received the Anna Clise Award for Individual Achievement in honor of her tremendous leadership and volunteerism on behalf of Seattle Children’s.…cont.