Guild Member Helps Kids of Today and Tomorrow

Louisa Malatos and Fenway

Guild member Louisa Malatos and her dog, Fenway, visit with patients at Ronald McDonald House each week. Malatos also included Seattle Children's in her estate plan to help care for tomorrow's patients.

Each week, guild member Louisa Malatos and her golden retriever, Fenway, visit with Seattle Children's patients and families at Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House provides housing at low or no cost to families who need to travel far from home for their children's medical care.

"Children get incredible care at the hospital, but their whole lives are uprooted," says Malatos. "So much changes for children and their families, and it's important for Fenway and me to show up regularly."

Malatos and Fenway started the therapy dog program at Ronald McDonald House and have been familiar figures there for eight years. Malatos trains Fenway to achieve and maintain the highest levels of service, so that she remains comfortable around medical equipment and knows how to interact gently with the most medically fragile patients.

"Petting a dog calms patients, puts a smile on their face and gives them a chance to open up about their experience," says Malatos. "Sometimes children just fall asleep on top of Fenway. I think it's an honor to be with people during really difficult times in their lives."

Helping families during difficult times is important to Malatos. She raises funds for uncompensated care as a member of the KC Howard Guild and helps plan the guild's annual luncheon. To help care for tomorrow's patients, she has also included Children's in her will. "As guild members, we give our time, our resources and our emotions every day. Now I'll also leave a legacy that will be a part of Children's forever. A legacy gift also reinforces to your own kids what's important to you, and hopefully encourages them to continue that tradition."

As a Guild Association trustee, Malatos was involved in planning for the hospital's growth and is excited about how Building Hope will improve care for Children's most vulnerable patients. "The new Emergency Department is larger and the process will flow more smoothly, so patients won't have to wait," says Malatos. "I recently took my daughter to Children's Urgent Care Clinic and was transferred to the Emergency Department. I understand what it feels like to want care for your child as quickly as possible."

If you'd like to include Children's in your estate plan, email or call Lorraine del Prado at 206-987-4977 or Christina Lui at 206-987-6812.

"As guild members, we give our time, our resources and our emotions every day. Now I'll also leave a legacy that will be a part of Children's forever."

- Louisa Malatos, legacy donor