Thank You: You Helped Build Hope

Every project or event your guild organizes throughout the year, whether it’s an auction, a bunco party or a toy drive, helps give hope to children and their families.

Over the last six years, your steadfast advocacy and support have helped Seattle Children’s build hope by bringing the much-needed addition to the hospital’s main campus from vision to reality. …cont.

Membership News

Watch out guild members' lip-sync video

Watch guild members lip-sync their hearts out as they declare that there “ain’t no mountain high enough” to keep them from helping Seattle Children’s patients.

Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration Annual Meeting and Luncheon Celebration
Star Guild Star Guild

Project Grace Guild Project Grace Guild
Preston Kuppe Guild Preston Kuppe Guild

Tips for Success

Liquor and Gambling: Licenses, Permits and IRS Requirements – Oh, My!

Serving beer, auctioning wine and selling raffle tickets can be fun and relatively easy ways to raise money for Seattle Children’s. However, fundraising activities involving liquor and gambling need to follow state (and sometimes federal) guidelines.

These charts indicate what your guild needs to know about IRS, Washington State Liquor Control Board and Washington State Gambling Commission regulations. …cont.

Leaving a Legacy

Guild Member Helps Kids of Today and Tomorrow

Each week, guild member Louisa Malatos and her golden retriever, Fenway, visit with Seattle Children’s patients and families at Ronald McDonald House. Ronald McDonald House provides housing at low or no cost to families who need to travel far from home for their children’s medical care.

Helping families during difficult times is important to Malatos. She raises funds for uncompensated care as a member of the KC Howard Guild and helps plan the guild’s annual luncheon. To help care for tomorrow’s patients, she has also included Children’s in her will. …cont.