Summer is almost here, but there's still time to finish your spring cleaning and donate your no-longer-needed items to Seattle Children's Bargain Boutiques. Bring all of your donations to a guild meeting or organize a spring-cleaning day in your neighborhood. Our receiving manager can pick up all donations at once; call 206-448-1233 to arrange a pickup.

Many thanks to the guild members who donated goods collectively valued at nearly $328,000 last year. The top 10 guilds are listed below, with the value of their donations.

Top Guilds for Retail Donations

  • Jean Stewart Jordan Guild, $35,107
  • Friends of Costco Guild, $25,724
  • Friendly Village Guild, $14,386
  • Pat Harris Trilogy Guild, $13,192
  • Milnora de B. Roberts Guild, $11,536
  • Mona Westover Guild, $11,070
  • Cooper Point Guild, $10,952
  • Dr. Jack M. Docter Guild, $10,005
  • Kent Guild, $9,569
  • Des Moines Auxiliary, $7,954