Guild Member Helps Bring the Outdoors to Inpatients

Expansion building Leaving a Legacy Fall 2013

June Boeing made a $500,000 gift to support the construction of a rooftop terrace at Seattle Children's, which will be located on level 8 of Building Hope.

"There's something about being in a garden," says guild member June Boeing. "Looking at the sky and hearing birds sing enhances your well-being."

When Boeing, a longtime Seattle Children's supporter and avid gardener, heard about the hospital's wish to construct a rooftop terrace, she knew supporting that effort was important to her. "If being outdoors is uplifting for healthy people, imagine how therapeutic it would be for ill children," she says.

Boeing made a $500,000 gift toward the construction of the rooftop terrace. Thanks to her gift and support from the Guild Association Funding Focus, as well as gifts from other individuals, the terrace will open to patients and families in spring 2014.

June Boeing Leaving a Legacy

"I'm glad that I can help lift the spirits of patients while they are at the hospital," says Boeing. The rooftop terrace will be on level 8 of Building Hope, adjacent to the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Unit. This location will enable children and teens being treated for cancer to spend time outdoors - which is currently impossible for many patients, because they can't risk infection by traveling through the hospital. Patients and families will be able to enjoy beautiful gardens and vistas of the surrounding neighborhoods in areas designed for restful privacy.

Growing up in the Rainier Valley neighborhood of Seattle, Boeing has always believed that Children's is a vital community resource. Though her own children did not need to receive care at the hospital, her grandson - now an independent 17-year-old - was born prematurely; he spent the first few weeks of his life at Children's.

Boeing was a member of the Elizabeth Fischer Guild for two decades. She and her husband, Bill, have supported the hospital for many years to help ensure that it is always there when any child needs care. Last year, they made a $1 million donation to support Building Hope, Children's recent expansion to meet increasing needs. They have also decided to include Children's in their estate plan to help secure the hospital's future.

"We all need to do our part to improve the well-being of vulnerable patients and to make sure the hospital is available to serve the next generations," says Boeing.

"I'm glad that I can help lift the spirits of patients while they are at the hospital… and make sure the hospital is available to serve the next generations."

- June Boeing, guild member and donor