Families Say Thanks

Addison Cross

Seattle Children's patient Addison Cross

In fiscal 2011, guild members raised $11 million for Seattle Children's and donated countless toys, blankets and other items that benefited thousands of families in our region. Here are some of the many words of thanks the Guild Association has received.

From the Cross Family

"Our son Addison has been under the care of Children's for most of this year. The care we have received is exceptional…but our insurance is not. When I phoned to ask for some guidance because we did not have the funds to pay our bills, the kind person asked some questions and suggested we apply for financial aid. We were approved. A tremendous burden - one that led to crying and sleepless nights - was, in one letter, gone.

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for the financial aid. When this time in our lives has passed and we are able to help others the way you have helped us, we look forward to supporting your cause."

Raising money for uncompensated care has always been at the heart of the Guild Association's mission. Thanks to guild support, the hospital is able to provide medically necessary healthcare to children in our region regardless of a family's ability to pay.

From the Shelter Family

Leif Shetler

Seattle Children's patient Leif Shetler

"We took our 18-month-old son, Leif, to the quick care clinic in Burlington with what we thought was a virus. They sent us to a pediatrician and she sent us straight to Seattle Children's. Between my crying and praying on the drive down with my husband and Leif, I kept saying, 'I don't even have a blanket for my baby.'

"When we walked into our room at Children's, I cried and thanked Jesus as I saw the yellow fleece blanket in my sweet boy's crib. Today I have a very happy, healthy 20-month-old and a yellow blanket to remind us of your loving work. Thank you!"

Guild members have been hand-making blankets, quilts, hats and other items for patients since the hospital's founding in 1907.

From Jill Douglas

Alexis Douglas

Seattle Children's patient Alexis Douglas

"When my daughter Alexis was 11 weeks old, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma with a 10% chance of survival. Eight surgeries, 22 cycles of chemotherapy and 12 cycles of radiation later, she is now 5 and her disease is considered 'stable.' But there is no cure.

"I am grateful to her doctor, Julie Park, for the excellent care she has given Alexis and I believe that Dr. Park's research has also been invaluable. I am so thankful that the community supports cancer research at Children's - no matter what the economy is doing. Research helps give children what they need to survive."

Eighteen guilds support the groundbreaking research conducted at Children's. Over the next two years, the Guild Association Funding Focus will provide $2 million to further cancer research.

From Mandi Ray

Max Ray

Seattle Children's patient Max Ray

"Our son's stay at Children's brought up many emotions. However, the support we received on a daily basis left us feeling lucky. Some of Max's favorite things are toys he received at 'my hospital,' and we know this wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of local guilds.

"We're grateful every day for the care, love and support we received at Children's. Max is appreciative too - in his own 5-year-old way. Thank you for all you do to bring smiles to the sweet patients."

Guild Association-wide efforts, like Operation Crayon, Project Teen and the annual Toy Drive, have collected tens of thousands of items for patients and families. See the hospital's current wish list.