The "Forget-Me-Not" Fundraising Checklist

As always, thank you for your hard work and creativity in planning, implementing and wrapping up your fundraising events. We hope this "forget-me-not" fundraising checklist of tips and guidelines will be useful in your event planning process; please take it with you to your next guild meeting and review it with your event in mind.

Planning Your Event

6 months prior

  • Review the Treasurer's Report at a guild meeting and prepare to track the required information during the planning process.
  • As you secure sponsorships, note the value of any goods and services sponsors will receive (e.g., tickets to your event).
  • As you purchase items for your event, determine which purchases are eligible for a sales tax exemption. If you can "eat it, drink it or take it," you may not have to pay sales tax.
  • As you procure auction items, track donor-stated values and include each item's stated value on the bidder statement.

90 days prior

  • Contact the Guild Association if your guild is interested in having a game of chance at your event. If your guild is planning a raffle, review the Resource Guide's raffle guidelines.
  • Contact the Guild Association if you plan to have a patient family speaker or Children's representative at your event. Provide a completed patient authorization form to the Guild Association if a patient is speaking at your event or if you are including a patient's story in your materials. Send drafts of printed materials to the Guild Association for review.

60 days prior

  • Complete an application for a special occasion license if your guild is serving or selling wine or beer. The license must be filed with the Washington State Liquor Control Board at least 45 days prior to the event.
  • Request approval from the board of trustees if your guild would like to direct proceeds of more than $2,500 to an area other than the Funding Focus.
  • As you pay service providers, request a completed W-9 form from any service provider to whom you made payment of $600 or more.

45 days prior

30 days prior

During your event

  • As you process electronic credit card payments, keep quick-check slips with each guest's file. This will facilitate reconciliation, as changes will require the transaction reference numbers.
  • If a guest wins a raffle item valued at more than $600, provide a W-9 form for completion.
  • Have your special occasion license for wine and beer on site.
  • Take a group picture of your guild! The Guild Association would love to receive a copy of the photo along with your completed Guild Event Overview form (DOC), so that we may recognize your guild in our publications. 

After your event 

  • 7 days after: Return supplies and credit card terminals to the Guild Association offices.
  • 30 days after: Send acknowledgement letters to your guests. Deduct the fair-market value of the goods and services received from the total amount given by each guest.
  • 90 days after: Turn in your proceeds, Treasurer's Report  and Raffle Activity Report. Note: If donors to your guild take part in employer matching-gift programs, the Guild Association cannot accept the matching funds until we receive your proceeds and Treasurer's Report.

Want to Know More?

Looking for more details about these and other items? The Guild Association's Resource Guide is a comprehensive overview of fundraising guidelines, tips and other indispensable information.