Junior Guilds

Many thanks to the kids and teens who fundraise for Seattle Children's in our 20 active junior guilds.

Project Teen

Last fall, the Guild Association announced the return of Project Teen, asking guilds to collect items for the hospital's young-adult patients. Thanks to your generosity, Project Teen garnered hundreds of books, DVDs, journaling supplies and other items for our teen patients. Project Teen also raised $2,300 to enable the Child Life Department to purchase additional items.

"We are so grateful to all guild members for their support of Project Teen," says Child Life Director Kim Korte. "Teens have very specific interests and needs. Thanks to Project Teen, we have a wide variety of items to offer."

Hospital Provides More Than $103 Million in Uncompensated Care

Seattle Children's provided more than $103 million in uncompensated care in fiscal 2011, an increase of approximately $1 million over fiscal 2010. Guild fundraising remains a vital source of uncompensated care contributions, ensuring that families across our region have access to essential healthcare. Recently, the Guild Association received these words of thanks from a family who benefited from uncompensated care:

"Words cannot express how grateful we are for the financial aid. When this time in our lives has passed and we are able to help others the way you have helped us, we look forward to supporting your cause."

A Lifetime Commitment

Thank you to the following guild members who became lifetime members in fiscal 2011. To become lifetime members, individuals give a onetime gift of $1,000; couples, $1,500.

  • Carmen Arzo
  • Helga and Rodney Barton
  • Kay Dow
  • Julie Elliott
  • Kathleen Grainger
  • Linda Mullin
  • Karin A. Pangborn
  • Sherrilyn Phillips
  • Virginia Tidwell Samuelson

"My mother was a guild member and being involved in a guild has always been a part of my life. It's so important to me that no child in our region is turned away and it's the key reason I'm an active guild member today. This year was the right time for me to make the commitment to become a lifetime member and I'd encourage everyone who is able to do the same."

Sherrilyn Phillips, Sequim Guild member since 1976