Two Dedicated Women, One Enduring Legacy

Claudette Gubrud and her daughter, Colleen Smiley, members of the Ann Carlson Guild

Claudette Gubrud and her daughter, Colleen Smiley, members of the Ann Carlson Guild, have chosen to include charitable gifts to the Ann Carlson Guild Endowment in their wills.

The phrase "like mother, like daughter" is a fitting way to describe Claudette Gubrud and her daughter, Colleen Smiley, especially when it comes to their steadfast support of Seattle Children's. Both women are longtime guild members, both have served as president of the Ann Carlson Guild of Skagit County and both have made the decision to include Seattle Children's in their wills.

"I wanted to give back to a community that has been a great place to see our children and grandchildren grow up," says Gubrud, who first started supporting Children's through the hospital's Penny Drives in the 1950s. "I feel a strong need to support Children's, because even though my children were healthy, so many others aren't. I included the Ann Carlson Guild Endowment for uncompensated care in my will to ensure that children throughout our region will continue to receive the care they need."

"You don't have to be wealthy to help Children's. Including Children's in your will is an easy way to give back."

Claudette Gubrud, legacy donor

Smiley wholeheartedly supports her parents' decision to direct a portion of their estate to the benefit of Children's. "I'm thrilled," says Smiley. "One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to do your estate planning for them. Now my brothers and I can be sure to honor our parents' wishes, exactly how they intended."

Smiley began supporting Children's as a member of the Ann Carlson Guild in 1984, several years before her own daughter would come to be treated at the hospital.

"My daughter had a chronic infection," recalls Smiley. "We visited several pediatricians, but no one could figure it out. Finally I took her to Children's. The doctors were so compassionate - and diagnosed her condition in an hour."

When Smiley's attorney asked if she wanted to include a charitable bequest in her own will, the decision was easy. "I included a gift to my guild's endowment, like my mom," says Smiley. "My estate plan will care for my own children as well as patients at the hospital. It's incredibly rewarding to know I'll be helping kids after I'm gone."

If you would like information on how to include Children's in your will, call Lorraine del Prado at 206-987-4977 or Christina Lui at 206-987-6812.